About Us

Black Pug Coffee was started to celebrate the love of coffee and our furry friends. Coffee is more than a drink, its an experience; surrounding yourself with good company (furry or human) while enjoying a hot beverage. Quality company requires quality coffee. That's why we source our beans from natural and organic farms from across the world. Also, your coffee is roasted the day it ships to ensure its as fresh as possible when you enjoy.

So cheers to you and the company you enjoy while sipping on a cup of Black Pug Coffee!

Cooper The Pug, Founder


Our Mission - Pug Rescue


We believe that all pugs deserve a chance to be loved and to love a human companion. That's why we have joined forces with Pug Partners!

5% of all our sales will be donated towards pug rescue and re-homing to pugs in need. Pug Partners' main purpose is to provide all of our rescue pugs with a loving foster home, quality dog food, medical care, and any other need that they may have while in our care. The ultimate goal is to place each pug into a forever family that will continue to show the pug love, attention, and provide the care that they each deserve.

You can also visit their site here: https://www.pugpartners.com/